Saturday, January 30, 2010

A tree grows in Long Island City

Every picture has a story!

This photo was taken the morning of January 1, 2010.
Breathing in the cool morning air,
I leaned out the 4th story bedroom window.
A few snow flakes had started falling, my lens caught
one and you can see the small smear in the center
of the branches. These little imperfections
make each photo and story unique.
Visiting our son Nathan, Charlie and Rosa
we had flown into NYC on New Years Eve.
After enjoying some lovely
fondue prepared by the chef (Nathan)
and drinking some bubbly
we rang in the NEW Year!
It was a fantastic Trip...
The title a Tree grows in Long Island City
of course, comes from the memory of the
tree in "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn"
When I was a girl my sister read the famed book aloud
and I reread it twice as an adult.
It's in my top ten list of favorite books.