Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feature from BESTeam - Light Keeping

I am truly excited about featuring

Anastasija is a very talented jewelry artist.

She lives on the Emerald Isle, Ireland; where
she really enjoys making her lovely jewelry.
Each one of her pieces is made with loving care.
She uses lampwork beads for most of her pieces and
complements them with Swarovski crystals,
genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls...

It's very difficult to pick a favorite
so I chose three of her pieces to share.

Beautiful - Keepers

Lovely - so Light and Delicate

Begorrah - Gorgeous

Make sure you view her entire selection at her Etsy shop:

Anastasija's blog is very interesting and full of charm:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buying Handmade is on the Rise

Seth Godin wrote this on his blog...
"The new trend in spending money is to buy things that are painstakingly handbuilt instead of efficiently mass produced. It might not be a better price than what you could buy at Target, but the very fact that you can pay for an artisan to create it, an artist to design it, a talented worker to bring it to life--that act makes a powerful statement about what you can afford and what's important to you. Instead of a bigger house, it's a house that's built from scratch by craftsmen. Instead of a bigger steak, it's a handmade dish of local poached vegetables...
This is great news for all of Etsy Entrepreneurs ...