Thursday, June 24, 2010

our home to yours

"Happiness is a perfume 
you cannot pour on others 
without  getting a few drops on yourself." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

They sprinkle their happiness on us.
It's an honor to feature...
The talented team of Debbi and daughter Amanda
are Moms, artists, and collectors.
They reside in the beautiful state of North Carolina.
How wonderful that you two have the opportunity
to work together...
Saturdays, they go blog shopping
on Etsy, what a great idea?
These are a few of my favorites
from their Etsy shop...

This really cool retro 70's chip and dip bowl set,
who wouldn't love to have this!

I may have to surprise my daughter who is engaged

 with this lovely ring bearer crocheted pillow...

You can special order a memory box for any occasion!

This interesting, fabulous team can be found at:
They have another Etsy shop for your listening pleasure,
really great old records!.

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